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Celebrating Christmas, New Year at Nhap Luu: AN INVITATION

Dear Friends,

The Sisters of Nhap Luu invite you to come and be with them for any- or all- of the following  Festive Season dates.  The programme for each special day is given, and the Sisters would like you to know that you are welcome to sleeep over, to make your enjoyment easier, and your time in the Nhap Luu environs longer if you wish.

Please contact the Sisters by email at this addfress, or by phone on 0353492678, or 0431470172.

CHRISTMAS EVE  Tuesday 24th December.

4.00 pm   Dharma Talk 
6.00 pm   Dinner
7.30pm    WalkingMeditation
8.30 pm   Christmas Carols, and present exchange.

 Note:  ** Please bring a wrapped small gift- not tags or cards or name on it.Just the gift. This is the Nhap luu Kris Kringle...

NEW YEARS EVE  Tuesday 31st December

6.00pm   Dinner
7.30 pm  Walking Meditation
8.30 pm  Dharma Talk
10.00pm Total Relaxation
11.00pm Touching The Earth
11.30 pm Sitting Meditation
12.00pm Incense Offering, Prostrations, and Hugging Meditation for the New Year.
TET - VIETNAMESE NEW YEAR ThursdayJanuary 30th 

Walking meditation 9.15 am
Dinner                    5.30 pm
Sitting, Incense Offering and Chanting, 7.00 pm 

We hope to enjoy your company - soon!

May you be peaceful, happy, and well,

The Sisters at Nhap Luu