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September Events

DATE:     Wednesday 11th September,  6.30pm - 9.30pm
PLACE  :E-Vam Buddhist Institute, 673 Lygon Street, North Carlton
You are invited to a free public talk to be given by Brothers Chan Phap Kham, and Chan Phap Dung, of Plum Village's Asian Institute of Applied Buddhism - Hong Kong- as part of their upcoming Retreat Tour in September. We look forward to seeing many of you there. A lotus for you from the Sisters of Nhap Luu Monastery.

The theme of the weekend retreat is  
" Be Still And Know"
 Nhap Luu, Beaufort: Friday 13th  to 15th September 
Sydney: Friday 21st- 23rd September  
 lead by: Thay Phap Kham and Br Phap Dung
 for information on Victorian events, phone Susan on 0434 827 028. 
 For info on Sydney program email CamTu.Dang2012@gmail.com